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love poems
For those trying to impress their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, a carefully selected love poem can be the perfect gift, a chance to express a feeling that may not have been easily expressed otherwise. Not everyone has the gift of language that William Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson did in their lives, but everyone can study and share their words with that special someone.
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There are numerous steps to sharing a love poem with someone you care about. The first of those steps is to decide how you want to express your love. Poetry is a profound art form because it is so versatile and the great poets in history have used the form to show that. Write down exactly what you want to say in your love poem - you may be able to find a poem written three hundred years ago that expresses your same sentiments.
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The love poem you select should have special meaning for you and your loved one. Try to find a love poem that expresses a special connection only you two have, a secret message that he or she will immediately recognize. Read numerous love poems before making your decision. Poetry has been used by men and women for centuries to express feelings of love. The love poems you read might inspire you further.
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Once you are absolutely sure what you want to say with the love poem you select, you should decide whose poetry best represents your feelings. For that, you must know who the greatest love poets of all time are.
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One of the most often quoted writers of love poems is William Shakespeare. In fact, everything Shakespeare wrote was written in verse, including his numerous plays. However, it is his sonnets you will want to inspect for those nuggets of poetic gold. Read Shakespeare's love poems carefully as not all of the 154 sonnets are directed happily towards a loved one.
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As Rumi once said, love poems are but "a mere reflex of that huge interior reality we call love". Yet, he is still considered one of the great poets of all time, his work considered in the Muslim world second only to the Qu'ran. His love poems are short and simple, evoking vivid imagery and speaking to the details of a lover. Millions have used his poems to impress a lover.
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Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote what is probably the biggest cliché in any love poem, "How do I love thee, let me count the ways." However, Browning's love poems in Sonnets from the Portuguese, written for her husband Robert Browning are considered some of the finest English language love poems of all time, a fine choice for anyone looking to impress a significant other.
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Thousands more wrote millions of love poems that you can use to help capture a special someone's heart. You must merely know where to look and what you want to say. Poetry can do the rest.
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When it comes to writing a funny love poem you may find yourself faced with a task a lot harder that first thought.
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Before you begin your funny love poem I would recommend reading and listing to other poems in the same genre. This will give you some ideas about the styles they were written. You will also be able to decide if your funny love poem is going to be long or short, rhyming or not rhyming.

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